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Techie Talkie #18
Idan Hershkovich

How to be an Account-Based Marketing Champ with Idan Hershkovich from Cato Networks 


content is not king

With a clickbait-ey title like that, I’m setting us up for an exciting time here!


CEO Perspectives: Creating a Category for Disruptive Tech

Atreo's CEO and the CEO of Yoobic discuss how category design is a crucial part of disruptive technology branding.


Techie Talkie #17
yoav vilner

How to reach top searches using brilliant SEO with Yoav Vilner


Techie Talkie #16
yam regev

How to survive and stay relevant in a dynamic marketing world with Yam Regev from Zest 


Techie Talkie #15
jonny steel

How to build a unique brand with Jonny Steel from Payoneer 


Techie Talkie #14
roni folman

How to win in the PR game with or without an agency with Roni Floman from Optibus 


Techie Talkie #13
lisa bennet

How to master Analyst Relations (AR) and achieve outstanding results with Lisa Bennett from Kaltura


Techie Talkie #12
amit ashbel

How to create a winning content strategy that rises above the noise with Amit Ashbel from Cognigo


Techie Talkie #11
oren dobronsky

What is takes to be a serial investor and how to select the best startups out there with Oren Dobronsky


Techie Talkie #10
dana zelitzki

How to create a new industry standard and harness a community around it with Dana Zeltzki from Valens 


Techie Talkie #9
ran avrahami

How to build a successful tech company without any sales reps with Ran Avrahami from AppsFlyer


Techie Talkie #8
omer shai

How to build a well-geared high scale marketing machine with Omer Shai from Wix


Techie Talkie #7
sophie melnik

How to do creative tech marketing with Sophie Melnik from Taboola 


Techie Talkie #6
tommy barav

How to become a marketing superhuman and build a vibrant community with Tommy Barav from Supertools?


Techie Talkie #5
yishay yovel

How to tell your killer brand story in the most effective way with Yishai Yovel from Cato Networks


Techie Talkie #4
hila shitrit nissim

Why video marketing is so important for your overall marketing strategy with Hila Shitrit Nissim from


Techie Talkie #3
elad simon

How to do creative product marketing and successful offline campaigns with Elad Simon from 


Techie Talkie #2
shmuli goldberg

How to build a new category in the market and build a marketing team from the ground up with Smuli Goldberg from Identiq


Techie Talkie #1
iris shoor

How to be both creative and critic when it comes to marketing with the serial entrepreneur Iris Shoor from Oribi